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Creative Social Meet-Up #1 at Restoration & Creation

A few weeks ago, back at the start of August, the first Creative Social Meet-Up was held at Restoration & Creation. Continuing the integral aims of Creative Renfrewshire (to connect, inspire, inform, and shine a light on the wealth of diverse creative and cultural activities across the region), the event created an informal space where Renfrewshire’s artists and organisations could connect (or re-connect!), hear about what each other are doing and form new links for work going forward.

It was lovely to see familiar faces and meet new ones as people mingled in the courtyard picking at a platter of food and sipping on non-alcoholic (but delicious) bubbly. People easily took to the event format, naturally rotating round each other and making introductions.

It felt like a much-needed affair after a few years of online interactions. The phrase of the evening must have been: ‘it’s so nice to see you in person!!’. Clearly, even the weather knew not to try and rain on our parade, a smattering of rain, and a chance to utilise the outdoor covering at Restoration & Creation and then we were back to a cloudy but rain-free sky.

Caroline Gormley and Liz Gardiner posing for a photo mid-chat!

Many questions were asked during the event on both the big display boards and through feedback cards. It was good to hear everyone’s thoughts on networks, creative activity in Renfrewshire and where people find support as a practitioner or organisation. In fact, the answers were so good and interesting, that we’ll be sharing them on here in the coming weeks.

A close-up of one of the question boards.

Going forward, this event series will tour across Renfrewshire, taking place in the vast array of arts and cultural venues enriching the region and inviting the Creative Renfrewshire community into venues both new and old. We have a few spots on our radar for the next couple but if you know (or have!) a venue that would be good please do contact us, we’d love to have some recommendations.

A massive thank you must go to Restoration & Creation for allowing us to use their beautiful space and for kindly showing people round the buildings. It made for the perfect location to mix and mingle and to do so surrounded by such beautiful art pieces, workshop/studio spaces and upcycled furniture was such a pleasure. If you haven’t been to the space, you must!

Upcycled furniture at Restoration & Creation.

Huge thanks also to Paul Cameron and Kyle Sharp for capturing the event so beautifully!

We’re working on finalising the details for two other Creative Social Meetups coming at the end of August/beginning of September – so stay tuned!


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