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I’m a wellbeing and creativity coach who works with individuals and groups using a range of holistic and creative tools to help them support and enhance their wellbeing. I am also a mixed media artist and crafter.

Company: The Butterfly Room

My main creative passion is in helping other people discover and explore the therapeutic benefits of creativity through relaxed and informal workshops and sessions. I offer a safe space, a selection of materials and methods and only ever have 2 rules “you can’t say it’s rubbish” because art is subjective and “you can’t say I can’t” because when we were kids we created for the joy and did whatever we wished to.
In terms of my own creative endeavours I enjoy creating through acrylic pouring techniques and also through using old/unwanted items to create and upcycled into something new and loved.


Address: The Butterfly Room, c/o What if
25 moss street
Paisley, Renfrewshire PA1 1DJ
United Kingdom

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