Evelyn Laurie

Singer and songwriter, mostly jazz-ish but other genres too. I also write and perform other media, including poetry and comedy, and have been known to act a bit! I am also a graduate coach and mentor, working particularly with creatives.

Art forms: Music, Performing, Spoken Word, Comedy, Coaching/Mentoring

A lifelong singer, I have sung in many genres from classical choirs & opera to country & folk. Around 15 years ago, I started training in jazz & have gradually developed my ‘chops’ as a professional singer.
I’ve been writing songs for several years & included a few of these on my debut album, self-released to critical acclaim in 2018. I also wrote a song supporting Paisley’s 2021 bid.
I have trained in stand-up comedy, writing, solo performance & acting – which secured me a part in an original musical.
While focusing on songwriting, sometimes my creativity appears in other genres: most recently poetry & comedy.
A trained coach & mentor, I work with creatives to achieve their success.


Website: @evelynlaurie.com

Facebook: @EvelynLaurieMusic

Youtube: @EvelynLaurieMusic


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