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I’m a sound artist based in Paisley. As well as installation, recorded and A/V works, I also run a record label (who release CDs, tapes, DVDs and mixed media) and a streaming channel to support artists in the current COVID-19 crisis

I’m a sound artist and musician.
Over 20 years I’ve performed in groups, in collaborations and solo across a wide range of festivals, arts spaces, venues and clubs as performer, improviser, DJ and artist, as well as hosting radio shows and writing.
My interests are in sound art, especially involving psychogeography and esoteric interests. I’ve been commissioned for new work from organisations such as FutureEverything, the Anthony Burgess Foundation and Unconscious Archives in the UK, FIBER and Incubate in Amsterdam and AAA in San Francisco.
I run the Broken20 multimedia label, which has been releasing experimental music, DVD, cassette, vinyl and mixed media works over 10 years and 50+ rel

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