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I’m a songwriter, guitarist, singer and drummer who loves lyric writing and collaboration. I also specialise in producing creative projects programmes and events, especially with youth and community focus. I’ve worked in venues across the UK including Roundhouse and Royal Albert Hall in London.

Quinny is a Scottish songwriter. His music has seen him tour the UK and America. Through his brother, he was introduced to British acting legend Richard Wilson (known for his roles in BBC’s ‘Merlin’ and ‘One Foot in the Grave’) who then starred in the music video for Quinny’s festive tune ‘Christmas Gear’, released in December 2019. For fans of Ezra Furman, Phoebe Bridgers and The Shins.

While living in London Quinny ran youth music projects, resulting in shows at various venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

“Through his innovative use of true-to-life words, relatable themes and combination of rock and poppy styles, Quinny proves his significance as a songwriter” – The Glasgow Guardian

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