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I draw meetings and events! I sketch in real time, simple graphics of the main points you discuss as they happen. You watch the visuals unfold and get to see the big picture develop as the conversation grows. I work both online an at in person events, drawing on my ipad or with pens and paper.

I help people think, plan and solve problems by drawing pictures. I draw at the time of discussions, as they happen so that the those involved can see what they have said as part of the bigger picture. Sometimes this is in a facilitated meeting to achieve a goal eg planning the future. Othertimes it is to record what happens at a conference or event so that it can be shared more widely. The pictures help people to engage with a topic, think creatively about it as well as remember and retain information after an event. They work well on social media too.

I have a wider team to draw on who help when I need to facilitate, create illustrations, videos or where multiple artists are required.


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