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Community zine on Renfrewshire’s Creative Utopia!

On Sunday 17th September, Creative Renfrewshire hosted a drop-in zine making workshop at Aurora Arts Studio.

This event was a chance to engage a wide range of the community, with no age limits or requirements. People were invited to come along, have a chat, and get crafty, contributing to a community zine on the theme, ‘Renfrewshire’s creative utopia’. Using collage techniques each participant expressed their opinion on creativity in the region (and what they’d like to see) and these have been turned into a digital zine which you are now reading!

The ideas in this zine are ambitious, wacky and sometimes a little weird. Here’s what our participants want to see in Renfrewshire…do you agree? Send us your suggestions on social media!

To download the zine and read offline, click the link below:

CR Community Zine


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